Skyzone ATOMRC Seal Fixed wing KIT/PNP/FPV PNP




Brand: Eachine & ATOMRC

Model: Seal Wing G1500

Wingspan: 1500mm/1100mm

Length: 950mm

Material: EPO

WingArea: 25.7d㎡/17.8dm²

Version: KIT, PNP, FPV PNP (Optional)


Test parameters (The specs is testing by PNP version: 2212/1400KV, 8040 prop, 21700/4s1p 4500mAh):

Recommend take off weight: 1100g (1500mm)

Max. take off weight: 1400g (1500mm)

Cruse speed: 50km

Cruse current: 4.1A

Fligth time: up to 60min

Travel: 50km



* Classic glider design, It has good gliding ability,easy for beginners.

* Detachable wing design, user can choose 1100mm wing span or use extend wing to 1500mm wingspan.

* Design for FPV, ESC, FC VTX and Camera all have installation area. Easy to build and maintain.

* Side door for install Flight controller, easy to wiring and maintain.

* Two hatch, flat hatch for gimbal or DJI Air uint. 

* Air cooling duct design, reduce the heat inside the fuselage.

* Huge battery bay, recommend 4S1P 3000-5000 battery, battery support up to 4S2P 21700 lion.


Recommend Parts:

Recommend motor: 2212 1400KV

Recommend prop: 8inch

Recommend battery: 21700 4S1P/3000mAH 4S

Package size: 560*290*210mm

Servo: 4*9g Servo


Package Included:

KIT Lite

1 x Un-assembled KIT



1 x Pre-build plane

1 x ATOMRC 30A 2~4s BLS ESC with 5V3A BEC

1 x 2212 1400KV Motor

4 x 9G digital servo

1 x 8040 propeller



1 x PNP plane

1 x 5.8G 1500mw VTX

1 x Foxeer Toothless 2 Nano Camera

1 x 5.8G Antenna

( The aircraft is assembled, and the electronic equipment is not assembled. )