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Item Name:  FPV 5.8G Transmitter TS353
Video Format supported: NTSC/PAL
Working Frequency: 5645-5945Mhz
Antenna Connection: SMA-pin
Power Input: 7-15V (3S Lipo suggested, does NOT support 4S Lipo)
Transmitting Current: 220mA
Dimension: 55 x 26 x 17mm (excluding antenna)

Working Frequency :
CH1: 5705
CH2: 5685
CH3: 5665
CH4: 5645
CH5: 5885
CH6: 5905
CH7: 5925
CH8: 5945

FPV 5.8G 400mW AV transmitting module, a wonderful choice for avoiding interference for who using 2.4G radio system
Dimension and weight is similar to 200mw TX, yet the range is extended.
Compare to the 500mw version which with cooling fan installed, the 400mw version is lighter, and consuming less power (longer in-air time).
Also eliminated vibration to video transmitting system caused by cooling fan.
The 400mw version is a well balanced solution among weight, dimension, range, power consumption etc

Package Includes:
1 x transmitting TS353
1 x TX antenna

1 x wires